Squire Registration


Provides a low level Ticket Discount and Access to Online Sessions.

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Why register with Obsidian Chronicles?

Registered players receive fixed discounts on all event tickets, they get exclusive access to our online games. Each tier of registration offers a different discount rate and comes at a different price as can be seen in the table below. In addition to the discounts, registering also helps to support us in paying for game overheads, these include props, costumes, weapons, equipment, insurance and website costs.

Oh and the occasional feeding of a troll or two we have locked in the dungeon we don’t want them becoming murderous!

If you plan on regularly attending sessions, consider registering. It lowers the game cost for yourself and helps to improve the quality of game for all.

Unregistered Squire Knight Royal
Afternoon Game $15 $10 $6 $2
Day Game $25 $20 $15 $10
Weekend Event $60 $40 $30 $25