Risk Management Document.

This document is designed to outline all potential risks and control measures that should be employed to make sure that all activities can be carried out and participated in with minimal risk to all involved. This risk management document should be reviewed every six months along with all risk management forms plus incident reports to make sure that all aspects are being evaluated, and the safety of our members is held to the upmost standards.

Above all else, members are required to follow both; The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Rulebook, and any instruction from an administration member or a Guardian, and remain safe and respectful of all of the participants involved or present at all times.

Activity Guide:

At any of the officially run Obsidian Chronicles LARP events or training days, many different activities may be undertaken from; simulated combat, to archery, to simple sports games, all the way to sewing and crafting.

Everyone involved is required to follow all rules set out in: The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Rulebook, while they are present at an event.

Before an Event:

Before any event associated with ‘The Obsidian Chronicles LARP,’ a pregame site inspection must be taken. An administration member or volunteer deemed by the administration to be qualified to do so, will walk any and all areas of the playing field and fill out The Obsidian Chronicles LARP OH&S Inspection Checklist to ensure that any areas of risk are identified and recorded on The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Risk Management Sheet and Control Measures are put in place to reduce the risk to its minimal level, gauged by the  Obsidian Chronicles LARP Risk Management Matrix.

Dangerous areas that could cause people to an unintentionally harm themselves, may it be twisted ankles on rough terrain, or potholes in land, or even where the danger from falling from heights is possible, will be subject to Control Measures to make the area safe for play. Control Measures such as alerting the landowner to having the problem fixed, or clear signalling or sealing off the affected areas. This, combined with pointing out the aforementioned areas in the pre-game briefing, will insure any and all risk from these potential hazardous areas will be kept to a minimum.

Any and all equipment brought by administration or event runners all participants to the event, needs to be thoroughly checked by guardians and administration members for safety for use and durability and comply with all standards set out in the Obsidian Chronicles LARP Rulebook. Any items deemed unsafe will be removed from the event until they can be brought up to safe standard.

All guardians (and volunteers accepted by the administration and who are governed by The Obsidian Chronicles LARP) who work the event will be brought up to date with all potential hazards and control measures in place. All event forms will be made available so that the guardians are well prepared to watch over the proceedings and keep unsafe play off the field making sure to follow all directions of the Obsidian Chronicles LARP Rulebook.

All players will be required to sign The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Waiver, upon beginning their participation with The Obsidian Chronicles LARP, where it will be outlined how they are required to behave at events and what is expected of them. Play is under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, will be required to have a legal guardian with them to co-sign the waiver and be present at all events they attend or another guardian nominated by them who is over the age of eighteen (18) years of age to attend in their place.

Upon arrival to an event, members (be they pre-paid or ‘walk ins’) will be required to sign in on the register and will be required to attend the pre-game briefing before they are allowed to take part in any of the Obsidian Chronicles LARP activities. This will insure most are aware of any potential risks, and allow the administration staff to keep track of the numbers and people present in case of unforeseen emergencies. Any player who does not sign in or does not present themselves to the pregame briefing will be excluded from proceedings.

At this stage, participants are required to present themselves for weapons and armour check to be made by the weapon check guardian and the armour guardian, outlined in the Weapon and Armour Construction Guide chapter in The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Rulebook. Any weapon judged to be to poor quality, or too worn out or substandard in anyway will be banned from playing. Any armour considered dangerous or unsafe in any way, will also be banned from playing. Players found to be skirting this ruling in bringing weapons or armour un-checked or unsuitable onto the field will be asked to remove themselves and their gear from the event and face disciplinary action in line with those in the General Player Information – Consequences chapter of The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Rulebook.

Finally, before the activities can take place, the pre-game briefing will be held where any and all hazards are indicated to the participants and which Control Measures are in place to keep them safe. Any issues with the game/weather/ground conditions will be made clear so that everyone can be kept up to speed on safety precautions.

Once the Event Begins:

Once the event begins, guardians will keep an eye on the situation recording anything they believe to be relevant to the continued safety at the event, contacting an admin if a new risk presents itself, or if the Control Measures need to be adjusted to make sure that the highest level of safety is obtained. They will have the authority to speak to players they believe are playing unsafe in any way, and a warning system will be in place outlined in the General Player Information – Consequences chapter of The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Rulebook.

Any injury sustained at any of The Obsidian Chronicles LARP events will be treated with due diligence, making sure First Aid is always available to whoever might need it and that in the event of a serious injury, an ambulance will be called and organised with as much haste as humanly possible. At least one First Aid Officer, will always be nominated and present at all events to deal with any and all situations that may be required to deal with.

If any unforeseen circumstances arise during an event that make the activities become more of a risk then is acceptable, then the event will be cancelled and reschedule to a later date where play can resume again in the safest possible way.

After the Event Concludes:

Once the event has concluded, guardians will be required to make up a report of the day (including any and all reports made to them) and throughout the event. The Obsidian Chronicles LARP admin will need to collate these reports plus review all safety and Control Measures that were employed during the event to make sure events keep running smooth and safe.

Members who have been reported may need to be contacted and spoken to about their behaviour and potential consequences if it continues, with a possible ban from the Obsidian Chronicles LARP if they are uncooperative.

Any and all equipment used during the event should be checked for damage and found, recorded so that repairs can be organised before any future events take place. Any items deemed unrepairable will be removed from stock and disused in future.

All records from an event will be kept by admin for future review for an acceptable amount of time.


Bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at the Obsidian Chronicles LARP. Whether at an event or through any official media associated with The Obsidian Chronicles LARP, any member found to be participating in this act will be sanctioned as per the General Player Information – Consequences chapter of The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Rulebook and may face permanent re-vocation and denial of membership or attendance to any event held by The Obsidian Chronicles LARP.

Risk Management Protocol.

Before any activities under the watch of the Obsidian Chronicles LARP are undertaken, a RISK MANAGEMENT form must be filled out. The person responsible will fill out all necessary fields and assess each risk and their potential hazard for damage to players, volunteers, workers or property. Upon filling out the form, control measures are to be implemented to ensure that the residual risk level is not higher than a rating of 2) MEDIUM risk level.

Risk Level Index:

  1. LOW: This Hazard will cause little to minor injury/damage and is unlikely to happen.
  2. MEDIUM: This Hazard will cause minor to moderate injury/damage where it is possible to happen, and moderate to major injury/damage where it is unlikely to occur.
  3. HIGH: This Hazard will cause minor to major injury/damage where it will happen, and possible disaster in unlikely circumstances.
  4. EXTREME: This Hazard will cause major injury/damage to disaster.

CONTROL MEASURES must be implemented for any risk to be brought down to its absolute lowest risk level. If a risk cannot be lowered below level 2) MEDIUM, the activities will be suspended until a solution can be found.

Hierarchy of Control:

When a risk is identified, the Hierarchy of Control is employed to minimise the potential hazard. It is as follows:

  1. Elimination – removes the cause of danger completely.
  2. Substitution – controls the hazard by replacing it with a less risky way to achieve the same outcome.
  3. Isolation – separates the hazard from the people at risk by isolating it.
  4. Engineering – using engineering controls, i.e. making physical changes, to listen any remaining risk. E.g. fix equipment to function properly.
  5. Administration – use administrative controls to listen the risk e.g. set up signs, rotate jobs.
  6. Personal protective equipment (PPE) – require your participants to wear PPE, e.g. gloves, I protection, chest or groin protection.

Once the Hierarchy of Control has been used to keep the residual risk level 2) MEDIUM or lower, then activities can resume.

The risk management sheet must be reviewed, and re-filled out upon returning to a venue or arriving at a new area, or a reasonable amount of time has passed that the control measures need to be re-evaluated.

I acknowledge receiving and reading the Obsidian Chronicles LARP Risk management protocol and understand its contents. Where I did not understand the contents of the document I sought understanding from a Guardian and it has been clarified in a way which I now understand it.