Where to Start

Joining a LARP can be daunting, so let us try to make it as easy as possible for you. Below we have outlined the major steps in getting started with the obsidian chronicles LARP depending on your past experience.

I’m New to LARP

Let us start by saying… “Welcome” we’re absolutely thrilled you have decided to join us for your first adventure into the world of LARP. Be sure to out the below steps, they will help you prepare for your first LARP experience with the Obsidian Chronicles LARP Coffs Harbour.

  1. Read the Code of Conduct
  2. Learn the basics of the system from the Rulebook
  3. Think about the character you would like to play. (Start Simple, you can always build on it later.)
  4. Get a Simple Costume together. (Minimum: Baggy Pants and Shirt Free of Logos.)
  5. Contact Us and let us know which session you will be attending! As a new player you can attend two of our Afternoon/Evening Games free of charge.
  6. Pack for your first adventure!
    • Water bottle
    • Costume
    • Snacks if you think you’ll get hungry.
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug-spray
  7. Attend, Make Friends and Enjoy.
  8. If you enjoyed your first session and plan to return follow the steps in I Know the Basics to continue your adventure.

I Know the Basics/Seasoned Pro

Awesome! You’ve attended a LARP before, so you know the basics of how they work but you’re new to The Obsidian Chronicles and are looking to get started. Although you may know how to LARP we want to make sure that you get the best experience out of your time with us so please follow the steps below to get acquainted with our system and get ready to play.

  1. Read the Code of Conduct
  2. Learn the rules of the system from the Rulebook
  3. Get your Costume Ready
  4. Buy an Event Ticket
  5. Attend the Game and have Fun!