Below is the Code of Conduct for “The Obsidian Chronicles LARP” this code is extremely important and is to be upheld at all times during interaction and engagement with The Obsidian Chronicles LARP at both events and in online forums. We take pride in our code of conduct as we want every player/customer to feel equally included and accepted.

1.0 Introduction


The Obsidian Chronicles LARP is dedicated to providing an inclusive LARP experience for everyone regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, physical appearance, race or religion. All participants of The Obsidian Chronicles LARP agree to adhere to terms of the Code of Conduct in all official The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Online Engagements as well as at all The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Sanctioned Events and Activities. Including events ran by other organisations for which you have purchased a travel package through The Obsidian Chronicles LARP.


The Code of Conduct herein referred to as the Code is not all inclusive. Any actions which create an unsafe or hostile environment, or an environment that prevents fair game play whether written in the code or not may be reported to a Guardian or Lore Master. Lore Masters/Guardians may issue warnings for actions even those not explicitly delineated in the code. Participation in any Obsidian Chronicles LARP event, activity or Online engagement constitutes presumed acceptance of the code.

2.0 General Behaviour


Treat everyone with respect regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, disability, physical appearance, race or religion.


Follow the rules – All players are expected to have read the rules of play and are expected to abide by them at all times during sanctioned events & Activities and during all Online Engagements.


Do not threaten, intimidate or insult people out of game. This includes the use of out-of-game knowledge or information to threaten, intimidate or insult people under the guise of roleplay, herein labelled meta-gaming.


Do not harass participants, make them feel unsafe, or contribute to a hostile environment (Refer to 3.0 – Harassment Policy for details on what constitutes harassment within The Obsidian Chronicles LARP). If asked to stop any harassing behaviour, comply immediately. If you are unsure if someone is asking you to stop harassing them in character or out of character, assume it is out of character and seek clarification by promptly and discreetly breaking character, asking for clarification and then resume play only once clarification has been established.


Do not sexually harass anyone, in-game or out-of-game. This includes public sexual behaviour, sexual comments, and all forms of sexual assault.


Do not physically assault others except in the ways as defined by combat rules in the “Rules of Play”.


Do not discriminate or make jokes on the basis of out-of-game characteristics such as race, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, national origin, citizenship or religious beliefs.


Follow event rules and insurance stipulations in regards to alcohol, tobacco, and fire. Do not smoke except in designated areas, this includes the use of E-Cigarettes and other similar devices; Dispose of cigarette butts promptly and correctly; do not consume alcohol at events where it is prohibited, never consume alcohol at an Obsidian Chronicles LARP event if you are under the age of 18 and/or are not wearing the Red band to indicate your ID has been checked.


Do not cheat or meta-game. Follow and uphold the spirit and letter of the games rules to the best of your ability. If you feel the rules should be amended, submit your suggestions to via the contact us form on The Obsidian Chronicles LARP Website.


Make a good-faith effort to uphold requests made by community members to keep them uninvolved in plots whose themes relate to their phobias, past traumas, or other similarly sensitive topics.


The minimum age of participants at The Obsidian Chronicles LARP events is 12. Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to all events.


Explicit language must be held to a PG rated level. Light Swearing is permissible, but participants may be warned if their language becomes excessive.


All players must have signed a legal wavier in order to participate in events run by The Obsidian Chronicles LARP, persons under the age of 18 must have their waiver co-signed by a parent or guardian.


The Obsidian Chronicles LARP has a Zero tolerance policy regarding any use of recreational drugs or excessive use of alcohol. Those who arrive at the game with impaired judgement from any substance, regardless of whether it is prescribed or not, will be asked to leave and may be refused entry to future events run by The Obsidian Chronicles LARP. If the event site serves alcohol, there is two drink maximum during gameplay.


Abide by all local, state & federal laws at all time. Do not violate any Event Location rules & never bring real weapons to an event even for display purposes.


The Obsidian Chronicles LARP will not tolerate dangerous behaviour, intentional damage or theft of items or property, vandalism, display of pornographic materials, open and gross lewdness, or any actions by an individual or group which demonstrate wanton lack of respect for the safety or security of the people, property or environment at The Obsidian Chronicles LARP events, in public places or online forums hosted be The Obsidian Chronicles LARP.


The Obsidian Chronicles LARP reserves the right to refuse entry to an event, ban an individual from participating in any event run by The Obsidian Chronicles LARP, or expel any individual from an event if an individual is deemed to have broken any part of the Code, has been found cheating or meta-gaming, or is seen to be a disruptive influence. The event fee will not be returned if you are expelled from an event.

3.0 Harassment Policy


The Obsidian Chronicles LARP will not tolerate any form of harassment of participants. Participants found to be engaging in harassment may be sanctioned, expelled from events without refund and/or banned from attending future events.


What is Harassment?
Harassment includes but is not limited to:

  • Offensive verbal comments about gender, sexuality, impairment, physical appearance, race or religion
  • Showing sexually explicit images or discussing sexually explicit topics in public spaces, including but not limited to, social media groups and pages, official events and forums. Discussion or images relate to sex, pornography, discriminatory language or similar is welcome if it meets all of the following criteria:
  1. Organisers have specifically granted permission in writing
  2. it is necessary to the topic of discussion and no alternative exists
  3. it is presented in a respectful manager, especially towards woman and LGBTQIA people
  4. attendees are warned in advance in the programme or newsletter and respectfully given ample warning and opportunity to leave beforehand

This exception does not allow use of gratuitous sexual images as attention-getting devices or unnecessary examples.

  • Intimidation, stalking or following
  • Photographing or recording someone without their permission
  • sustained disruption of talks or other events
  • Uninvited physical contact
  • Uninvited sexual attention

Participants asked to stop harassing behaviour must comply immediately.


What should I do if I am being harassed?
In some cases you may find the harassment stops if you clearly say ‘No’ or ‘Please leave me alone’, or simply walk away. We would appreciate it if a Guardian or member of the Lore Masters was still informed to help us identify any repeat offenders.

If you continue to be harassed or notice someone else being harassed, please contact a Marsha or member of the Lore Masters immediately. Guardians and Lore Masters staff will help participants contact law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe both online and during events. The Guardian or Lore Masters you report to will take whatever steps they can to assist you in feeling safe, and will put you in contact with or bring you to an appropriate staff member.

You do not have to give us details of the harassment, and can choose whether or not to report it. If you wish to report, we will take details of the harassment and work with you to respond to the issue in a way that assists you in feeling safe and maintains the safety of the wider convention environment, as well as enforcing our anti-harassment policy. If you report a serious criminal matter, please be aware that we may be obliged to contact the police. We would however take into account any concerns you may have around involving them.

If you would like to discuss the harassment without making a report, please make this clear to the Guardian or Lore Masters you are speaking to. Bear in mind that this is for informal emotional support only, Guardians and Lore Masters do not have any counselling training.

4.0 Consequences of a Breach to the Code


The Obsidian Chronicles LARP employs an escalation process to breaches of the code. The Obsidian Chronicles LARP staff may choose to skip any or all steps in the escalation process dependent on the nature of the breach. Any law breaking which constitutes criminal behaviour will be immediately reported to the Police and the offender permanently banned from attending future events.


Escalation Process – Live Events

  1. Verbal Warning – The participant is warned that their behaviour is in breach of the code and to cease this behaviour immediately.
  2. Take 5 – The Participant is sent from “The Field” for a duration determined by the Guardian who issued the “Take 5”.
  3. Stop Play – The Participant is escorted from the event. Participants who are issued a “Stop Play” must leave the event immediately.
  4. Suspension – The Participant is suspended from participating in future events for a period of time designated by the Lore Masters. This may be coupled with a suspension from Facebook Groups, Pages and Online Forums run by The Obsidian Chronicles LARP.
  5. Permanent Ban – The Participant is expressly forbidden from participating in all future events. this will be coupled with a ban from Facebook Groups, Pages and Online Forums run by The Obsidian Chronicles LARP.


Escalation Process – Online

  1. Written Warning – The Participant is sent a private message from Lore Masters that their online behaviour is in breach of the code and to cease this behaviour immediately. The offending post will be screen-shotted and kept on file. The offending post will then be deleted.
  2.  Suspension – The Participant will be sent a private message that their continued inappropriate behaviour has resulted in Lore Masters suspending them from online activity for a period of time. The participant may request to re-join after this period has lapsed.
  3. Permanent Ban – The Participant will be sent a private message that their continued inappropriate behaviour has resulted in Lore Masters banning them from online activity indefinitely. In some instances, this may also cause a ban from attending events.

5.0 Consequences of a Breach to the Code


Any individual wishing to appeal a Guardians ruling at an event for any reason must do so through the appropriate chain of appeals, beginning with the Guardian immediately superior to the Guardian who made the initial ruling. In the case of an online ruling, the individual may appeal to any member of the Lore Masters.


Any individual wishing to appeal a Guardians ruling at an event for any reason must do so

Chain of Appeals
The chain of appeals is as follows:

  1. Guardian
  2. Lore Master
  3. Business Owner

For rulings which apply at the event, such as the compliance of weapons or armour, the chain of appeal ends with the highest-ranking Guardian from the list above who is at the event.

Appeals on rulings which apply beyond the event at which they were made, such as revocation of authorisation, must be made directly to the Business Owner