Join us as we explore the magical world of Bicolline

After having attended the magical world of Bicolline myself over the last three years I wanted to offer Australians the chance to experience this amazing place the same way I did.

The Obsidian Chronicles LARP have partnered with the Bicolline Guild “The Pelt” to offer travel packages to Australians interested in attending the Bicolline Event “The Grand Battle”.

About the Pelt:
The Pelt are a Mercenary guild whose primary aesthetic is that of Viking/Celtic and Elven. You can check out some of the people involved in “The Pelt” on the Skaal and Co Instagram.

Just because this is the primary aesthetic doesn’t mean you are limited to creating a character that fits this theme, being a mercenary guild offers you a great degree of flexibility in what you wear and how your character can look.

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