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Lore Masters

The Lore Masters are Responsible for ensuring that everything that happens within the game fits with the world Lore, doesn’t contradict any past Lore. And to manage the plot and story being injected into the game, to ensure a fun and immersive experience for all players.

Lewis Hackfath

I first came into contact with LARP after watching the “Supernatural” episode “Larp and the Real Girl” and fell in love with the idea of creating a character and world in which to explore and have fun. I started the Obsidian Chronicles LARP after experiencing the world of “Bicolline” with “The Voyage North


The Storytellers are responsible for the creation of NPC’s, story-lines and prop information. They will present completed story-lines to the Lore Masters for Approval and implementation into the game.

Emrys Joy

I have a deep love of story telling and I want to weave stories that ring close to people with personal stakes and emotional stakes. I believe that stories must have consequences. 

Regan Arnold

I love acting and theatre, and so was attracted to the idea of LARP straight away. I would love to be able to allow others to experience the stories that are told through LARPing.